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Join personal trainer Simone Louise’s online community and fitness program to discover what it means to be FIT 4 LIFE!

A lifestyle not a fitness program

Simone Louise health & fitness is a community of women supporting each other to be your best – whatever that means for you and your family!

Not just an online personal trainer, Simone Louise combines workouts, personal training, meal planning, community support with weekly motivation and lots of fun to keep you on track to achieve your goals.

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Join us for amazing workout plans for women at home! With experienced coach Simone Louise in your corner you’ll feel empowered, energised and stronger than ever! We’re all about:

Friendship and support

Functional fitness

Family-friendly nutrition

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Weekly Zoom coaching, live workouts, monthly cooking classes, healthy eating programs, supportive community. We help each other every step of the way!


App-based online personal trainer with 20–30min sessions and extra challenges. All ages, all fitness levels, women and men welcome. Work out at home, anywhere, any time.


Goal tracking and 1:1 support to keep you motivated and having fun together in a family friendly environment. We do FIT 4 LIFE not just a few weeks!

“Social pressure and daily demands of life and family can leave all of us feeling like we’re ‘not enough’. My mission is to break through these barriers and help you start living your best life!”
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