Hey, I’m
Simone Louise.

Mum, wife and online fitness coach who is determined
to help you be FIT 4 LIFE.

My story is just like yours. I’ve got three boys (the cutest in town, obviously) a hard-working husband and a busy family life. But the most important thing for you to know is that I get it. I really do.

I’ve been up and down those scales (20+kgs through three pregnancies) many times. My husband works long shifts with no consistent roster. For years we struggled with no routine and no direction. Family time was at a premium and ‘me time’ was at a minimum. Until I created a lifestyle that has changed our family forever.

Are you ready to join
our tribe?

Believe me, I know what you’re feeling right now. Starting a new health journey is challenging. It takes motivation and dedication to achieve a body transformation. But once you find your tribe, your ‘home’ –
you’ll never look back!
Simone Louise is one motivated and determined powerhouse of a woman. She’s the coach in your corner supporting you every day to become the best version of you.

The FIT 4 LIFE program is based on four simple principles:

Your personal health

Prioritising your health is
not selfish – you deserve to
feel better

Healthy mind
& body

A healthier mind and body will benefit you and your whole family

Support & guidance

Everyone can enjoy exercise with qualified guidance and practical support

Inspirational Coaching

You need a personal coach who will back you every step the way!

What does it
mean to be

Any online fitness coach can help you lose weight. (If that’s all you’re after, there are some amazing options out there, good luck on your quest!) But what I’ve realised is that finding balance and creating habits that fit your lifestyle is the key to living a fulfilling and healthy life.
Simone Louise FIT 4 LIFE is everything I’ve learned about health, fitness and nutrition in one program. This is not a program of ‘get skinny in 30/60/90 days’ or become a ‘yummy mummy’. This is about finding your power through the best at home workout program while giving yourself the gifts of more time, more energy and better health.
“If you’re looking to live a life of purpose and fulfillment, where you work hard but still get to eat birthday cake with your kids, THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU!”

Online Personal Trainer

About our community

If you’re a busy mum, shift worker, single-parent household,
anyone juggling life – Simone has got your back!

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In your private session with Simone Louise you will:

Creating healthy communities

Simone Louise is committed to sharing her passion for family health and wellbeing – and creating inclusive communities for people who want to live better and feel better.

Simone worked in the not-for-profit and disability sector for many years before following her heart to establish Simone Louise health & fitness offering the best at home workout programs for women. “After I had kids, I found it increasingly difficult to return my career in finance. The days of sitting and glaring at multiple screens for hours on end was no longer for me. I also struggled to find the right gym environment to suit my needs. Now I’ve found my true passion in helping other women find better balance in their life through health and fitness at home.”

“I love a challenge and raising money for charity. I’m always in for a run, walk or step challenge. If you need an accountability buddy, I’m always up for getting involved!”

Need a motivating & passionate speaker
for an event?

Certified Personal Trainer –
Cert IV in Fitness SIS40215
Certified Boxing Skills and Fitness

Certified Personal Trainer – Cert IV in Fitness SIS40215
Certified Boxing Skills and Fitness

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