Mindless calories – are you eating without being aware of it?

Have you been reflecting on your diet and thinking ‘seriously, what is the deal…? I don’t eat that bad – why can’t I lose weight or reach my fitness goals?’ You’re tracking your food, your macros is going well… so what is going on?? MINDLESS EATING – have you ever considered the amount of food […]

How to meal prep like a BOSS for the whole family

We hear it often: ‘preparation is key to success…’ but what does that actually mean and how do you get started when you have no idea where to begin? The first thing you need to do is set aside some time on whatever day you consider your week to start. For me my scheduling goes […]

5 Considerations before starting an exercise program

Before leaping into a fitness regime, it’s important to ensure that you are in the right space physically and mentally to do so.  If you are serious about making changes for long term results, you need to consider all aspects of your current health. Let’s dive into some areas you may need to investigate or […]

How to get your kids to eat healthy with you

A question I often get asked is ‘How do you get your kids to eat so healthy?’ Now don’t get me wrong, my kids still eat their fair share of unhealthy treats and sweets but our attitude towards food is that ‘food is fuel’ and they know what food is going to fill their tummies, […]