Why online fitness training is better

The fitness industry can feel overwhelmed with conflicting advice and opinions on which training methods are best, how to mix up with weights, cardio, nutrition, mindset and then the big question of online training – how does this compare to face to face training and will you still be able to reach your goals using this platform?

The answer is this…

It depends… It depends on a lot of things! If you are interested in working on a bodybuilding program and building lots of muscle, your program would most likely involve a lot more weights and equipment. In this situation online programs would need to come with considerations of how much equipment you need to invest in / have the space for etc. Could you borrow this, rent this? What is the additional financial outlay you need to prepare for?

With bodybuilding it is imperative to have good form and technique to ensure that you are lifting correctly and holding good form. If you are lifting quite heavy without good technique you are putting yourself at risk of injury. If you want to lift big with an online program, ensure you invest in a good trainer that has the ability to provide great advice and is very specific with watching your movements.

What are your options?

If you are in a situation of having restricted time frames to get your workout done, online platforms are a fantastic way of being able to exercise whenever and wherever you can, regardless of work and home life schedules! Whether you are restricted by your or your partners work roster or the kids routines take a higher priority to yours. Online programs give you the flexibility to get your workout done while the rest of the family are still snug in bed or busy doing their own thing while you can step away to take sometime out for you (while still most likely popping on a load of washing, or getting that roast in the oven on your way to getting to your exercise mat!)

When it comes to online training you really need to find a trainer whose personality resonates with you. Are you inspired by them? Do they motivate you? Do you enjoy their style and technique of exercise programming? If you are going to be successful with an online program and stick with this for the long term – you need to be able to answer ‘YES’ to these questions! There are many benefits to online training and here are just a few of the points for consideration before you choose what will work best for you:


If you want to be able to access your program and get your workout done at anytime – day or night, this is a huge tick for how and why online training would suit your schedule better. Ditch the hustle of racing from work to the gym, trying to coordinate creche times (or find a facility that you like and so do the kids!) Embrace the online flexibility, ensure that you block out your time and schedule in those workouts to keep you accountable and on track to reach your goals.


Some gym memberships can cost anywhere from $35 to $150 per week for training face to face services. With the current restrictions within our environment more of us are either not able to access these services or are doing our best to keep to ourselves. If your budget is tight, online training is absolutely a more affordable option! Most online programs will require very little equipment (sometimes none at all) so this is also a big plus on the budget. Find the right trainer and program for you and you will thoroughly enjoy the online workout experience.

Nutritional Support

Most online platforms will have multiple levels of nutrition support for you to access. This could be via their webpage or app providing a full meal plan, or it may even be by way of downloading a free eBook or PDF snack guide. Whatever is on offer – make the most of it! If you can commit to taking on the full meal plan this will help you on the way to reaching your goals! If the logistics of having a plan for you and managing the family meals and budget on top of this is too much – do your best to implement any small changes you are comfortable with. This could be from changing one family meal per week or changing your snacking habits, every small step is going to help long term.

Seeing Results

There are so many accountability tools you can access through online training. This could include even the finer details of your trainer being able to know if you skipped through parts of the workout or if you didn’t do the workout at all! Another increasing function for online platforms is the use of photo and body measurement tools. We all know how deflating it can be when we don’t see the number on the scale change and this can send us into a spiral of lost motivation. When you are tracking other variables aside from just weight, when the scales don’t move but you can still see measurable results by way of cms lost from your waist or the proof in the profile pictures, this can definitely make the difference of holding strong and keeping on track.


Being online makes the line of communication a lot broader than just face to face! Most online programs will allow you access to getting in touch via email, text, chat functions, zoom within the app or training platform – this means you can shoot off questions to your trainer whenever you like, and be sure that you will get a response within no time!


Online training can require a little more self-discipline and motivation to get started as you don’t have the physical sense of ‘going to the gym’ however the benefit to this is having a trainer and an online group within the same program to help with motivation and accountability each step of the way. If you have signed up to a program with a great trainer they will be there at a click of your fingers to help whenever you need. It’s true that consistency is key so the more you keep it at, this will then form your routine and before you know it you won’t remember what life was without it.


There are some out there that will comment that online training is not as desirable when it comes to form and technique and you are more prone to injury. I challenge that theory…If the online program you have invested in has a trainer that provides thorough instruction and direction on how to complete each exercise, you actually have more chance of staying injury free. Some of the most common injuries I hear about are obtained in a busy gym settings where the instructor hasn’t been able to assist everyone in the room, or those who are attempting to lift too heavy without good technique. At the end of the day you know your body best – listen to your own needs and adapt where necessary to look after yourself.